5 Rules for Parents (Not Kids!)

As parents ourselves, we know that Photo Day can feel like an overwhelming event. One of the key factors in having happy kids for pictures, is first having happy parents. If you are stressed out, your child will feel that energy and it can affect their mood and behavior. Follow our easy rules for parents (not kids!) so that you can have a successful, stress-free experience!

1. A fun, relaxed photo shoot begins before you even arrive at the session. Don't mention the session to your kids until you're getting them dressed and nonchalantly tell them that you all are going to meet someone to have fun, play games and that we (Emilie or Olivia) just want to take some pictures of their cute dress, cool shoes or how fast they run.

2. Do not give your child a list of rules and expectations prior to the session such as "You better be on your best behavior, or else!"

3. Do not practice "Cheese!" on the way to the session. We capture true personalities and emotions, nothing fake or forced.

4. Don't mention bribes. 99% of our sessions go so well that we don't need bribes. The kids have fun and we engage them so that they want to follow our instructions. (Because there is nothing prettier than a tic-tac in your kids mouth on a photo hanging in your home!)

5. Follow our lead and instructions, too! Just leave it all up to us and trust that we know what we are doing. Relax and enjoy the time with your family!