ULearn! A Photography Class for Moms

Emilie and Olivia began teaching Moms how to capture their own family's memories with their unique classes in 2016. We come together as Moms and as students in a fun, relaxed and small-class environment to learn: 

-how to set up your camera for great photos

-the 3 key tips to taking a great picture (including how to get soft backgrounds)

-how to identify and use "good" light in any given situation and much more!

If you want to get better pictures of your own kids but you don't want to read your 200 page manual, spend hours online and try out multiple different techniques, this class is for you!


Class Info


Price $200


-2 hours of hands-on classroom instruction

-1 hour of live shooting (and instruction) with a child model 

-cheat sheet print outs to take home

-3 post-class troubleshooting inquiries (via email or phone with Emilie or Olivia)